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It’s the least you can do and it can save lives.

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Mom was finally smiling again today. Yesterday she was in hell.

She went through a day of fever, sweat, chills and pains everywhere in her muscles. A rollercoaster that took her body on a wild ride for over twentyfour hours, before suddenly fading away like nothing ever happened. It was the aftermath of Vaxzevria, the rebranded name for the Astrazeneca vaccine that she finally took just a day before.

This week, I finally convinced my parents to get vaccinated. After months of waiting, they entered into the age brackets of those eligible to get their shot. …

Saying “I love you” is always the most…


Art and writing

I met on the pages of Medium. I remembered him because we both had something in common: Uganda. James is a Kampala native, born and grown up in the turbulent capital, while I could claim only a brief experience living in the country in the past. A polemical piece on the most recent elections and the what it means to live under the threat of a constant political oppression caught my attention since the beginning. Only later I discovered that James hid, like many writers on Medium, a deeper layer behind the writer’s façade.

The cream of the week

Today I want to officially welcome , , and to the extended family here at UNDERSTATE magazine! Thank you so much guys for contributing with your work! I really loved each one of your precious opinions and art pieces and I hope all of you got a deserved round of applause from our readers, kinda literally speaking!

We’re still a tiny, tiny community but hopefully we can still find space to grow within the platform, as I hope more of intelligent and cultural content will be noticed and promoted. …

Mahmood —

Weekly playlist #7

So is already May. The month of warm and longer days, the month of final exams at school, the month of long evening aperitives outside. Also, the month of Eurovision Song Contest! I don’t know if you’re excited this year, but I’m damn excited about it and I can’t wait to see the performances because, well, I think Italy can possibly win this time! (sorry Finland, nice try!)

I may be biased (I am, definitely) but I seriously think that the song that won the national competition of Sanremo and will participate to Eurovision 2021 edition is going to kick…

Music and destruction, the complicated life of Moby


If I had to pick ten people that left some impact in my life, probably Moby would appear on that list. I was fifteen when the notes of Natural Blues hit me for the first time.

“Oh Lordy, my trouble so hard”

There was something in the melody, the electronic set, the lyrics, that spoke to me on a profound level. It almost like the music was coming from a shared spiritual dimension we all have access to, but we refuse to.

It was the first time that I met Moby through his music. Later I would have found him…

Male spring collection 2021

I had a friend in College that looked exactly like Andrew Schulz. I swear, if only one wasn’t making me laugh all the time with his wit humour and the other wasn’t a NYC American with German origins, they could have been brothers or something. Weird, I know.

Everytime I see him and Akaash Singh on I can’t help but think about my college years. Probably the resemblance to my long-time classmate or that “bro” kind of humour. Whatever it is, something in their mix brings me back to that years of unadultered freedom and reckless parties that I…

5 good reasons to follow UNDERSTATE, like right now.

It’s been a week since I launched this new publication on Medium and is becoming already a great place to find and share ideas!

My original vision was to create a curated space on Medium that promotes intelligent content away from easy clickbaits. A place of discussion that promotes plurality and indie creators, and hey! I’m very honoured to have found such interesting writers and creators along the way!

If you have missed them, here some great articles this week:

On Being Blunt in A British World

is an amazing writer and one of the few friends I’ve found on Medium. I’m so happy to…

and eau de parfum.

Image of the author

There was always the cigarette after. Camel light blue. Pueblo only sometimes.

Sex just before. We lay on the bed, exhausted. Cigarette after sex, I know is a cliché. She knows it, too. I think it was intentional, I think she likes to play the character of some personal script in her mind.

She inhales slowly and exhales a cloud of smoke.

I just stare at the ceiling. I never had a script in my life. I had always to improvise different roles and I’ve never felt to be a good actor. Sometimes I think that I am only playing…


Afropop Edition

WurlD —

I have fond memories of my time spent in Africa. The perfumes, the people the colors. But most importantly: the heat, the mosquitoes and the music. Oh, the music! Forget record labels and Spotify recommendations, this is an entire world on its own, made of independent artists and clandestine radio stations, an entire subculture of local celebrities that only a few privileged can ever taste. I’m a complete apocryphal in this world, but I do love the vibe.

Especially when I feel nostalgic, I often go back to these memories and inspirations that bring me to another dimension.

Frank the man

Human mess in search of enlightment, living off second-hand advices and refrigerated dreams. Daily average man. Feel free to call me Frank.

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